A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In Metasacataura, players take control of a variety of creatures from the time before dinosaurs. Each player starts the game with a random mutation that grants them additional abilities, and they traverse the ocean trying to reach their mating ground, while collecting enough food to avoid starving and avoiding dangerous predators. Players who successfully reach the mating ground each level pass their powers onto the entire species for the next level.

Players play as the Metaspriggina, the Sacabambaspis, and the Tauraspis.

If you run into any problems during gameplay or need to reset for whatever reason, the ~ key will take you back to the main menu.

Playable with 1-4 players using Xbox 360 controllers, or one player can use the keyboard. Move around with the left joystick (WASD for keyboard). To burrow, press the A button on the controller, or the F key on the keyboard.

Made for ROM Game Jam 2016 - Dawn of Life!


Britney Coates - Modelling / Design

Sedona Parnham - Modelling / Animation

Craig Thomas - Programming / Design


Metasacataura.pkg 26 MB
Metasacataura.zip 38 MB